Personalized and Customized Magic Mugs


We at printland have always been surprising you with our latest range of personalized and printed products. Today on this sunny morning with a cool breeze we take you on a tour of our cool mugs which can handle something HOT!


Primarily we have been focusing customer demands and as we promise to serve demands of every age group our first customized product is a Magic Mug. Yes you read that right, a magic mug is a special mug built with a special technology which has a somewhat magical property of changing color on pouring down of a hot beverage. Currently we have this available in red color and you can swag it up in your own way with the help of printLand customizable prints facility.


But never the less our customer demands don’t end here, they are as broad as our area of work:

Now moving on to the next product we have: Internal colored mugs which have a specialty of being colored from inside and printed on the outside with your favorite picture or snap to give a touch of elegance to your personalized and customized coffee mugs or tea mugs.


After wrapping the internal colored mugs, we bring to you a wide variety of mugs that are shaded and have a 3D parallax effect to display your snap as an artist’s canvas pinned up on a wall of an art gallery. This would emboss your image on the mug to get you to a new high in your circle or you can gift it to your kids.


After the personal photo printings we move towards the gifting mugs. Now we have a huge variety of collage mugs which can be presented to your loved one’s at the precious occasions of Birthdays or Anniversary’s or maybe to a young entrepreneur by his employees at the success of a big project/venture.


        Last but not the least comes the wishing mugs for personal occasions like birthdays anniversaries or festive occasions like Rakhi, Holi and Diwali etc.

        This sums up some of the top featured printable mugs provided by to serve you with the best quality india made products.